Thursday, 15 May 2008

Blog Party - Buffy Bash

This is the invitation to the 34th blog party, hosted by the magical Happy Sorceress at Dispensing Happiness.
I was immediately excited about this blog party as I am a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I used to watch it every week with my daughter. At some point she felt that she grew out of it but I kept on watching. I even bought her the figurines which she has kept in the packages and is hoping for future resale value!
Here, posing with the figurines, is my contribution to the Blog Party Buffy Bash.

Buffy Bash Cocktail
The Spiked SunnyDale (Spike-d SunnyD-ale) A very good cocktail to ease the stress of slaying and dating the undead.

In a brandy or cocktail glass,
½ cup ice cubes
Splash of grenadine and a maraschino cherry for colour, let it settle on the bottom.
1 oz white rum
1 ½ oz Sunny D
1 ½ oz ginger ale
Garnish with a coloured straw and something fruity
You can leave out the rum for an un-Spike-d SunnyD-ale.

I came up with this drink in the bathtub, trying to free-associate Buffy with alcohol.
Xander, Willow, The Master, vampire, hell mouth, witch, werewolf, Angel, the Bronze, Sunnydale -SunnyD-ale! Spike-d SunnyD-ale!
Ha! I slay me. I really do.
Poor hubby then got dispatched to the store for SunnyD - which we had only seen in commercials, who knew that there were different kinds? We used tangy original.
He was then rewarded with a refreshing glass of Spiked Sunnydale so all was well.
For the appetizer to go with it I went for a simple grilled chicken tender on a stake with a strawberry, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. A light appetizer to keep you in fighting shape.
I grilled the chicken tenders - just seasoned with salt and pepper - on a separate skewer and let cool. Then I threaded one on each bamboo stake (skewer) with a strawberry and drizzled both with balsamic vinegar. The strawberries have the added benefit of looking like human hearts but you shouldn’t dwell on that while you are eating them.

Go take a look at the Buffy Bash round up to see what the others are making...