Saturday, 10 May 2008

Getting Excited for Mother's Day

A couple of days ago, Hubby and I went shopping for materials to make my Mother's Day present, a pot rack. Currently there exists in my basement some oak, dowels, hooks and chains which Hubby swears will be a handsome and handy pot rack when he is done. I do have faith in him, he always delivers and is dedicated to providing me with well-crafted gifts, if late. I will likely not be able to show you the pot rack this weekend and instead have included pics of two of the other gifts he has crafted for my kitchen this year.

The Salt Rack. Yes, I am a girl who is excited by a variety of salt. Hubby built me this rack for Valentine's Day - or near abouts - to hold my collection which includes:

Everyday salts like coarse sea salt, fine sea salt, table salt, kosher salt and pickling or coarse salt.

The more gourmet or finishing salts include Hawaiian Sea Salt, Australian Pink Flake Salt, Maldon Sea Salt, Celtic Gray Salt, Smoked Sea Salt aged in Chardonnay casks and Trapani (Italian) Sea Salt. I am quite pleased with my collection and feel fairly sated. However, there is one salt which I consider to be the Holy Grail of salt collecting. Soy Salt. It is a glistening black salt made by the dehydrating of soy sauce. Little black nuggets to garnish an Oriental style meal. I have never seen this salt in person, I read about it on the Gourmet magazine website, but I have left one jar empty in case I find it. Everyone needs a dream.

The Menu Board. The other item Hubs made for my kitchen this year was my menu board. This didn't take him too long as he actually crafted it a couple of years ago as a calendar holder which was far too large for any calendar that I could find. This year I asked him to convert it to a menu board and I just put the calendar on the fridge.
I know it is probably easier for my family to just ask me what's for dinner, but I get so happy writing it up on the board. I have coloured chalk and everything!
So, I wait patiently for my pot rack. Does this mean I'll have room for more pots?