Tuesday, 6 May 2008

It's here!

Ok, this is the reason that the puppies and I haven't strayed very far from the house for 2 days. I'm serious, even our walkies have been within view of the house when nobody else was at home to intercept my precious parcel. FedEx just dropped off my prize copy of Jamie at Home.

I know I could just as easily purchased my own copy from Amazon and have it left in the mailbox but this is so much more delicious.

My entry to the Food Network Canada Cooking Club http://www.foodtv.ca/BLOG/archive/2008/04/18/april-cooking-club-challenge-results-part-i-roasted-garlic-vegetable-tart.aspx for April was chosen as deserving a cookbook and a hearty congratulations! There was also the harrowing chance that I would be sent the other prize, a Rachel Ray cookbook which, my apologies to RR fans, isn't my cup of tea. But Jamie it is, and the one I wanted too, as I had just received Cook with Jamie for Christmas from my daughter.

My appreciation for Jamie only recently developed over the last couple of years. He got my attention with his travels in Italy and his new show, Jamie at Home, is great. I love that he is growing most of his own food and sharing simple growing and cooking tips. We need more shows like that. Local, organic and brave. Remember the Manic Organic? Whatever happened to him?

But back to the delivery. FedEx guy was very patient with me and listened to the entire story of winning the cookbook and the subsequent waiting at the door. He had a wife who watched Food Network and Understood. So cheers to you, FedEx guy, I will dedicate my first JaH recipe to

My picture of the Roasted Garlic Vegetable Tart I made from Anna Olson's new show, Fresh, taken on my deck on a sunny day. Later I took it to my mother's house for a family dinner, along with a pasta salad and freshly baked bread and lemon cakes for dessert.