Tuesday, 15 July 2008

TWD Chocolate Pudding and an Award!

It's Tuesday, time for Tuesdays with Dorie and this week Melissa from Its Melissas Kitchen has picked Chocolate pudding on pg. 383 of Baking: from my home to yours. If you would like to see the recipe written out, please visit Melissa's site.

Melissa, my son thanks you. He is a bit of a minimalist when it comes to his food and a simple chocolate pudding was just the antidote for all the fruit laden desserts I had been making, as far as he was concerned.

I had never made a pudding in the food processor before and was quite happy that mine was a large 14 cup model. I think that if it was smaller I might have had trouble with the volume of the whirling pudding. (The big daddy food processor in the picture is my Hamilton Beach Big Mouth, a very reasonably priced model for the size and power, I think. One day I would like a Cuisinart or KitchenAid large wide mouth food processor, with lots of blades! I also have a 5 cup KitchenAid and a Cuisinart mini chopper)

My daughter helped me with this one, she manned the cookbook and reminded me of the steps. This was one of those recipes that is not too difficult but you have to have all of your ingredients and equipment ready as the steps happen quite quickly.

The recipe states that it serves 4 - 6 people but I found 4 to be the correct portioning for our family. Piggies that we are!

And the verdict? Well they did all but lick the bottom of the pudding dishes so I think we have a winner!

Please feel free to visit the TWD blogroll to see how the others fared.

* a note on the picture of the pudding. It was late when we ate and I could not get a good picture in the dim lighting. Finally I put a pudding on top of my printer and put the desk lamp over it. It gave the pudding a neat, floating quality. I might try that again!

The Award

Debinhawaii from Kahakai Kitchen has bestowed upon me this YUM-YUM blog award and has said such kind and generous things about me! I am to pass it to 5 deserving candidates with the intention that they post it on their site and confer the honour to 5 other delicious food bloggers.

"Living In The Kitchen With Puppies: Natashya is also a fairly new blogger like me and has the two most adorable dogs; Merlin and Bella (and an incredible pond and home for toads her husband built!). She is a total foodie and I enjoy her delicious recipes and the wonderful pictures on her blog."

I had a hard time deciding who to pass it to as there are just so many delicious sites that I love to read. These are some of the sites that I visit most often and who constantly inspire me with their writing, recipes, photography and good nature.

Here, in no particular order, are my 5 choices for the YUM-YUM Blog Award.

Shari from Whisk: a food blog - musings of a cooking school wannabe.
Shari is a gentle teacher and student of culinary technique. She has taken it upon herself to master the craft of cooking and quite generously has included those who want to learn. Her attention to detail is commendable and balanced with a light heart. And the food! Delish!

Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen, A Vegetarian Kitchen in India.
Aparna makes the most delicious vegetarian food and has a lovely manner to her posts. As a mother to a vegetarian daughter, I look forward to the wonderful dishes that Aparna creates and the loving way that she imparts her culinary knowledge.

Coffeepot from Coffee and Cornbread
Who makes the blogging world seem small with her neighbourly way of keeping in touch, dropping in to say hi, and encouraging me along my foodie blogging way. Coffeepot creates delicious dishes in her Southwestern Virginia spread while learning to live simply and as self-sufficiently as she possibly can - sharing her experiences with with us along the way. I also love the way she supports Canadian chefs and cooking clubs!

Laurie from Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska - Recreating the flavors of the Mediterranean using ingredients readily available in Alaska and North America.
Laurie and her husband live in Alaska and on a rural Greek island. She shares her passion and skill with Greek cooking on her blog, making sure that the ingredients that she uses are not too difficult to find in North America. She has a book out on Greek recipes and all the proceeds go to charity. (The Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church Building Fund)
Her posts are informative and fun and the recipes make your mouth water.

Jasmine from Confessions of a Cardamom Addict - omnivorous ramblings by a habitual eater. Jasmine, another fellow Canadian, writes with poetic beauty, wicked irreverence and journalistic integrity, all at once. She presents wonderfully delicious dishes with simply stated recipes, beautiful photography and a laugh out loud tale of how it all came to be.