Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Whisk Wednesdays: Bisque de Langoustines

"Honey, my meeting with Tom has been postponed, I won't be late tonight."
"Great, you can set fire to the soup!"

This is one conversation that would never have taken place in my kitchen before Whisk Wednesdays.

For today's lesson from Le Cordon Bleu at Home we made a Bisque de Langoustines (page 185). We were allowed to substitute shrimp or lobster for the langoustines if they were not available. They weren't. I found some fancy, dancy, giant shrimp at the grocers and away we went.

The soup part of the dish came together fairly easily. We made a stock out of the shells and some aromatics, used straining and thickening techniques to get a good consistency and added quenelles for texture. The quenelles were a little tricky for me.

Have you ever seen chefs on tv rolling batter or something back and forth between two spoons? They are making quenelles. It is not as easy as it looks and I think I got worse at it as time went on.

The soup looked and smelled amazing, funny looking quenelles and all. I halved the recipe and made just enough for hubs and I for dinner. It tasted expensive and French and delicious. That's a good thing.

And I did manage to serve it before midnight!

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