Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Potage Ambassadeur

This week ends the soup course of Le Cordon Bleu at Home (get it, soup course? ha! I slay me) Our final soup is Potage Ambassadeur (Split Pea Soup with Bacon, Sorrel, and Lettuce) page 462.

The soup begins with the soaking of the split peas. I had yellow split peas on hand so I used those. I quickly found out that 2 cups of split peas becomes 5 cups when allowed to soak overnight.

A quiet sweating off of onions, garlic, leeks, carrots and slab bacon (I used Canadian back bacon because I had some on hand.) Add the peas, chicken stock, and bouquet garni and cook until soft. Blend and add some cooked rice, add sauteed sorrel and lettuce chiffonade. I could not find sorrel but my lettuce is a little bitter now that it is the end of the season so I think that it did a fine job.

The soup is finished with cream but I just thinned it out slightly with water as I was making it primarily for my daughter to take with her and she has trouble with dairy.

The results? Pretty good. This soup is full of protein and flavour. (I have to admit that I do increase the flavourings by now in these soups as I have found them fairly mild - the bouquet garni gets supersized and such flavour boosters like garlic, salt and bacon are automatically maxed when I am involved.)

The family enjoyed this soup and I am glad that I have now made split pea soup - a Canadian staple in Quebec and the East Coast.

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