Tuesday, 26 August 2008

TWD - Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte

Tuesday is the sweetest day.

For August 26, Amy of Food, Family and Fun chose: Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte on pages 288-289 of Dorie Greenspan’s great book, Baking: from my home to yours. You can find the recipe printed on Amy’s site.

As my mother was visiting for my birthday, I decided to make this cake for my little party. Before you break open your piggy banks to run out and purchase tasteful yet expensive gifts - it is nowhere near my birthday. I have a little less than a month to go, this was just the time when she announced that she had no plans and would be visiting for my birthday. As there were presents involved, I chose not to protest.
Of course, I spent all day making my birthday dinner for her so I was happy to have been able to make the ice cream torte the day before. Simply layering homemade ganache with store bought ice cream in an eight inch springform pan, freezing in between layers.

It came off without a hitch, or not much of one anyway. I used tortoni gelato as my ice cream and made a strawberry sauce instead of blending berries into the ice cream. I mushed up the middle layer of ganache a bit as it had not hardened but otherwise it came out perfectly. I am very pleased and both hubby and mother loved it. (Which is good because last time she was over I made the peppermint cream puff ring and it didn’t turn out too well.)
Hubby is already talking about making it again, maybe with black cherry ice cream, so you know it is a hit!

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