Sunday, 17 August 2008

WHB - Lemon Thyme

Lemon thyme is the most ladylike herb in my garden. She does not grow tall and gangly or bully the plants around it. Lemon thyme has never been responsible for the death of a neighbour.
Not like lemon balm, mint or oregano. She just sits sweetly, smelling lovely and not demanding too much water, just the ability to bask in the sunlight.

I would say that lemon thyme tastes like a cross between regular thyme and dried lemon peel. A little goes a long way.

"Lemon Thyme looks like English Thyme and grows like English Thyme but that is where the similarity stops. Lemon Thyme definitely smells like lemon and tastes like lemon. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or lemon flavoring. It grows like a weed so there is always more lemon waiting in the garden. Lemon Thyme added to marinade is great with fish or chicken." Mountain Valley Growers

For this week's Weekend Herb Gardening, I have used my lemon thyme to flavour some oven roasted tomato slices. A great topping for bruschetta, eggs, pasta or paninis.

Preheat the oven to 225 degrees.

I took a nice little pile of tomatoes from my garden, mostly Romas, and sliced them into 1/4 inch rounds and put them into a large glass lasagna pan.

In the pan gently toss the tomato slices with one tsp salt, 2 tbsp lemon thyme, and freshly ground black pepper. Drizzle with a little red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Toss gently to coat and place in oven.

After an hour, drain any excess juices and flip tomato slices.

Bake another hour and flip again.

Slices should be done in about 3 hours.

The flavours will be very concentrated but they won't quite be dried tomatoes.

Spoon into a clean mason jar and top with extra virgin olive oil. Refrigerate and use up within a week. Try it on a hamburger!
- recipe adapted from Recipezaar, feel free to make your own adaptations.

Shown here paired with fresh tomato slices as part of a nice Sunday breakie.

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