Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Beignets de Langoustines, Sauce Tartare

Langoustine Fritters with Tartar Sauce.
Or, in my case, shrimp fritters with tartar sauce.

This week in Whisk Wednesdays we are back to langoustines. Since I have only seen them on Iron Chef, I subbed the humble shrimp.

For such a fancy title, my dish looked and tasted remarkably like pub fare. Really good pub fare. Like the kind you order with imported beer.

So pour yourself a cold one and open Le Cordon Bleu at Home to page 162.

First prepare a tartar sauce using homemade mayonnaise, click here for instructions.

The shrimp are marinated for an hour in salt, pepper, lemon, parsley and olive oil. A batter is prepared - flour, potato flour (rice flour, in my case), baking powder, salt olive oil and water. The batter sits for 45 minutes and then is mixed with whipped egg whites. The shrimp are patted dry, dipped in batter and deep fried until golden. Leave the oven door open and the heat up to 350. A lined pan will keep the shrimp nice and hot until the rest are done.
The batter is light and airy, almost like tempura. These were very tasty, and filling.

I served mine on a bed of greens with a little dressing, a few croutons and some Parmesan cheese and roasted mini potatoes on the side. Don't forget the beer - the good stuff, this is fancy pub fare remember?

The leftovers made for an awesome Po'boy sandwich for hubby's lunch the next day. How bad can that be?

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