Saturday, 18 October 2008

Don't Cry For Me - Empanada

When searching for Argentinian cuisine for My Kitchen, My World Argentina - I came across a site devoted to the pleasures of Argentina and Argentinian food: From Argentina With Love. I love the passion that Rebecca has for her adopted country and chose one of her recipes, Empanadas de Papas y Carne Picante, to cook from.

Empanadas are something that I have always wanted to make. I don't know why I was frightened of it before - it really was not difficult. All you need is a fair amount of time. I recommend that you pour yourself a nice big glass of wine, turn on the television and roll up your sleeves.

All in all, they took me about three hours to make. But I wasn't in any hurry. I made a simple salsa-like chopped salad while the dough was chilling and served the empanadas and salad for dinner. They were very good. Hubby requested a few to bring to work tomorrow - always a good sign.

Click here for the empanada recipe -
Receta Para Empanadas de Papas y Carne Picante

I followed this pastry recipe to make the empanadas.

Was this the type of snack you were hoping for Peter?

The only changes that I made were - I subbed some of the ground beef for Spanish chorizo, I added a little hot pepper and red pepper, and I used two boiled eggs rather than one. I made 14 empanadas with the dough recipe and had a little filling left.

I feel that now that I have mastered empanadas - I can start attempting other dumpling type dishes - like pot stickers! I have found a great book on all sorts of stuffed pastries - A World of Dumplings: Filled Dumplings, Pockets & Little Pies from around the Globe. I hope to start making some of the recipes, now that I have mastered the empanada!