Tuesday, 7 October 2008


This month's Bread Baking Babes challenge is sukerbolle - a sugar loaf. Chosen by Monique at Living on Bread and Water, this has to be the most heavenly smelling bread I have baked.

If you know me, you know I am a shameful, wimpy, scaredy cat. I looked at the recipe and quivered. I let out a little sigh. This was too complicated for me, bear of very little Brain that I am.

I begged for help. I silently wished that Tanna lived next door so she could give me a hug, pat my head, and tell me that everything was going to be okay.

I put it off until the last day.

Then I remembered why I am baking and writing everyday. To conquer my fears and try new things. I am a Daring Baker for heaven's sakes! Will I let an unfamiliar recipe get me down? Not for long.

I baked the bread today. (The recipe can be found on Monique's site)

I used one sachet of quick rise Fleishmann's yeast as I did not have fresh. I gave the loaf a bit of extra time to rise. (My kitchen is less than warm right now, even with the oven on.)

I used maple syrup as someone had suggested it. I added some chopped candied ginger to the roll with the sugar cubes and cinnamon.

I rolled that baby up, gave her one last rise, and baked away. The sweet perfume is intoxicating. Like cinnamon buns but better, more special.

Monique said to have unsalted butter at the ready for prompt buttering and eating of said intoxicating loaf. I did. It was wonderful. I was a good girl and let it cool first, took the puppies for a walk, changed the load of laundry. Then sat down with my treasure and a cup of green tea. Bliss.

The only drawback - Mine was a little undercooked in the centre. No matter, I popped it back in the oven and it baked up. The slice I put in toasted up nicely too. Nothing wasted, no harm done.

Am I still scared? No. Not until next month.