Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I'll Show You Mine....

How often do you, like me, strain to see what books another blogger owns when they are visible in a picture? Upon collaboration with Deb from Kahakai Kitchen, we have decided to have an open invitation for all to show off the shelves! You have worked hard on your collection, why not let others see it? No rules, no time limits, just an invitation. And heck, why stop there? If you have another collection you are particularly proud of - go ahead! Show us your bounty.

This (above) is the cookbook shelf that hubby built me this year for my birthday. It is in the kitchen, a small room made bigger by the removal of a wall to the next (small) bedroom. Below are shots of each shelf.
The angles are funny as the room is small and I had to crawl and bend a bit to get the shots.

One of the two international shelves.

Bread, etc. The lunch box holds piping bags and tips.

The second of two international shelves. With a little squeaky monk complete with cell phone and espresso.

Second bread, etc. shelf. Note the two ancient ones on the side, The Vegetarian Epicure and the Tassajara Bread Book. They are about as old as I am and well loved.

One of two general category shelves.

The second of two general category shelves. I "let" hubby keep his two grill books here.

The top shelves are shorter, so contain either shorter books or the books on their sides. This one, however, also contains lunch boxes (they go 3 deep, although you can only see one). The lunch boxes contain dragees, coloured sugars, sprinkles and the like.

The main baking book shelf. My two newest acquisitions, Rose Levy Barenbaum's Pie and Pastry Bible and Cake Bible - bought second hand - are sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for me to make dust covers for them. I would be quicker if I was at all handy.

Healthy and vegetarian, with a few baking books too tall for the other shelf.
Below we get to the smaller shelves, which house my little kitchen stereo and mostly Food Network Chef Cookbooks.

This stereo has made the rounds in our family. It once was my only stereo, then my daughter's, now she has a sleeker one and this one is in the kitchen to keep me company. Hubby thinks it is an eyesore and of questionable quality. Nobody gets a say but me in matters of the kitchen, though.

Martha and a couple of especially tall books hang out here.

Some of my fab chefs.

Some more fab chefs.
Well? How many do we have in common? I extend the invitation to you - show us what you've got!