Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Saumon au Champagne

Salmon in Champagne Sauce. Page 486, Le Cordon Bleu at Home.

Today in Whisk Wednesdays we poached salmon steaks in champagne. As I only made half the batch, I was forced to finish the bottle myself. Pity me if you must, I do what I can for the cause.

Champagne, water, and aromatics, including whiting - an inexpensive white fish, were simmered to make a stock on the stovetop. Meanwhile, seasoned salmon steaks were poached in the oven in champagne and water. The stock gets strained, reduced, and used as the body of a bechamel. An egg yolk and cream are added for texture and creaminess, the sauce is seasoned and spooned over the poached salmon steaks.

I served the salmon with thinly sliced potatoes that I crisped in the oven. The salmon and sauce were served over a bed of baby spinach to absorb the goodness. Was this a good dish? Why yes it was.

I was surprised at the use of another fish to make a sauce for the salmon. I thought it could just as easily be another flavouring such as an herb, but who am I to second guess the French?

This dish was very tasty - and very impressive. For not a lot of work I managed to serve a first class meal. Not bad for a weeknight.

Hubby mentioned that an acquaintance was shocked to learn that we don't patronize restaurants. The acquaintance was then afraid that we might possibly be very poor and, if dining at home every night, living on Kraft Dinner. If only they knew....
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