Thursday, 5 March 2009

I Got Mail!

Michelle of Big Black Dog organized a kitchen gift exchange between Whisk Wednesday members, and, as an alumnus, I was invited to participate. The exchange is based on three kitchen items you can't live without, with an invitation to peek at each other's sites to see what would fit best.
My package arrived yesterday all the way from California, where apparently the sunny state is facing rain... but at least it isn't snowing!
Glennis from Cantbelieveweate sent me a book from my wish list, Nourishing Traditions (making her the only person I know who has actually read my wish list!), a stencil set for cake decorating, flour sack dish towels (they are lint free!), and Poufs - cute stickies for dog hair removal... so hubby can now stop trying to slap the pug hair off my coat..!

It's like Christmas all over again, Glennis did a great job matching these fun kitchen items to my personality. I am a happy camper. :)

Thanks Glennis!

My own gift box went to Melissa of From Laptop to Stovetop, you can see it here.