Friday, 29 May 2009

BBA #3 Whole Grain Bagels!

For the third week of baking through Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice, we made bagels! Bagels are universally loved, whether you are partial to New York or Montreal style, or any other style that I am not familiar with, and they are actually made much like pretzels are.
The shaped dough gets a dip in boiling water, in this case made alkaline with baking soda, and can be sprinkled with a topping to complement the delicious bagely flavour.

For my toppings, I used sesame seeds, nigella seeds, and Hawaiian black sea salt crystals. Next time I would go with the egg wash, I think Peter was optimistic about the small seeds being able to stick without it.

Although I didn't follow Jude's version of Peter's Whole Grain Bagels exactly, I was greatly influenced by his changes. I used whole wheat flour and 100 grams of dark rye. I would have used even more rye but I got carried away with the whole wheat.

The end result was better than I had even hoped for. The bagels are chewy and light but dense at the same time, wonderful this morning for breakfast with a little cream cheese and a cup of coffee. I am happy.

Next week: Brioche and Brioche Relatives!