Friday, 1 May 2009

Oh Emeril, I Have Missed You.

New to our grilling repertoire is Emeril at the Grill. This 272 page soft cover book has 158 recipes for delicious yet uncomplicated grilling fare, focusing on fresh ingredients and big flavour.
He starts the book with a signature "Oh, yeah, babe." and encourages the reader to get out there and get grilling, to "be proud of being one who loves to grill".
Emeril has certainly become a celebrity chef icon, being one of the first shining stars in the new tv chef culture, but he has evolved since the first BAM! on Food Network. Partnering with Martha Stewart, he is now exploring the green and local trends in cooking, while still advocating for bold flavours and adventurous cooking.
This is the first of ten new trade-sized cookbooks for Emeril.

Ok, ok, but...... how is the food?
So freaking delicious! I made 5 dishes from this book so far, although I had about 50 in mind, and each one was a winner.

Last night we had the Chicken Paillards over Arugula (and a few other greens I had on hand). Emeril is the reason I now have creole seasoning on hand, and boy am I glad to have discovered it!

We served the chicken with these Grilled Smashed Potatoes - what a great crispness the grilling gives the skins of these baby spuds.

The other night we made this Cilantro-Tequila Grilled Chicken. A little for the bird.. a little for the chef... I love Emeril's liberal use of fresh herbs and bright flavours.

Probably my favourite of all were the Caribbean Pork Tenderloins (that I skewered). They were marinated in such wonderful flavours - dark rum, coconut milk, lime, Scotch bonnets... the list goes on. This is my new desert island dish.

Emeril even had us putting our delicate veggies on the grill with his Grilled Asparagus with Garlic. The grill gives a deep, toasted flavour to this iconic Spring vegetable, which is accented by the garlic and lemon. I ate them with my fingers.
Other recipes that I have bookmarked include - Chipotle BBQ Oysters with Homemade Salsa Fresca, Mango-Citrus Daiquiri, Grilled Caponata, Piri-Piri Carne Spart, and.. oh the list just keeps going on.
Still to come - I have got to try Grilled Banana Split with Hot Fudge and Rum Caramel Sauce. All I need is a reason. Do you want to come over? That would be reason enough for me!
This book has cocktails, sides, sandwiches, wraps and pitas, burgers and kebabs, seafood, poultry, meats and desserts. What more could a gal ask for?
And if you still want to yell Bam! when you cook... I won't tell.