Wednesday, 3 June 2009

But is it Brioche?

As an antidote to my fully rich, fully buttered brioche of the other day, I made Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Brioche. Not only that, but I took advantage of his invitation to sub the multi grain soaker for the original whole grain brioche recipe. This leaves me with a multi-grained, cereal rich brioche.. with no butter.
Click here for the recipe, on Google Books.

So my question is.. is it still brioche? When does a brioche stop being a brioche? I was afraid it would be in the lack of added butter.
For the whole grains soaker, I used some brown/wild/red rice left over from dinner, and uncooked 12 grain cereal.
When I made the dough the next day, I also threw in some dried cranberries, for fun.

I baked the whole grain (maybe) brioche in my kugelhopf pan with sliced almonds, as Peter suggests, and it came out beautifully. Then, feeling uneasy about the lack of butter, I brushed on a liberal coating of melted butter as it was cooling. I feel much better now.
It's not the same as the previous brioche with the pound of butter, it is a little nuttier, drier, and quite tasty in it's own right. But is it still brioche?

I enjoy Peter's books, as they teach bread science and technique, here is a clip of him talking about Whole Grain Breads.