Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Gift of Nuts

A while back I received an email asking if I would like to try some gourmet farm-fresh pecans. I didn't have to think very long before answering yes, yes, yes!
They arrived about a week ago, and yesterday I looked over at my half pound of pecans and suddenly had a craving for sticky buns. This is unusual for me, I am more likely to crave savoury foods, but once I started thinking about soft doughy goodness, dripping with brown sugar and crowned with glorious pecans I just had to make them.

I found this recipe here, my brown sugar guilt somewhat assuaged by the whole wheat goodness of the bread. They are soft and sinful, with a delightfully crunchy topping. Yum!

We ate some of the pecans on their own, and did notice the freshness of them compared to grocery store fare. I sprinkled some on a garden salad for added nutrition, and plan on tossing the remaining ones into a granola. Quite a bit of mileage for a half pound of nuts.

My gift of nuts came from The Pecan Store, located in Arizona. They even have a Pecan Blog filled with recipes and ideas for using pecans.

When checking out their site, I stole, I mean found, some interesting tidbits about pecans:

Pecan trees are native only to North America.
Pecan trees can live for hundreds of years.
Pecans are cholesterol and sodium free and are a proven source for unsaturated fats that your body needs to stay healthy.

Native Americans used pecan kernels as a seasoning for food.
Pecans can maintain their quality in the freezer for two years - which is good - I keep all my nuts and seeds on the door of my freezer.

And, of course, who can think about pecans without thinking of these guys?

Ok, I know I am just getting nutty now, have yourself a great day!