Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Rich Man's Brioche

This is really the tale of two brioches. And by two brioches, I mean two kinds, as clearly I have way more than two going on already..
Peter Reinhart has three kinds listed in The Bread Baker's Apprentice; Rich, Middle Class, and Poor Man's Brioche. Now, I have been making the healthier and largely whole grain versions of the breads so far in working through this book, but I had never made or even eaten a true, rich brioche. So I decided to make both ends of the spectrum. Today I present the Rich Man's Brioche, a tender and outrageously buttery bread (87.7% butter in baker's percentages! That means 87.7% butter to 100% flour, by weight).
Later this week I'll post it's brioche opposite, whole grain with little or no butter. Brioche as health food. Is it possible? I guess we'll find out!
For now, let's enjoy the buttery richness, shall we?

Mmm, buttery goodness.. such a tender crumb.
My little brioche tins are not non-stick, so I was worried about them releasing the bread.. no need! It is so buttery, they just slipped right out.
Click here for the recipe for brioche of all kinds, as well as the rest of Bread Baker's Apprentice on Google Books. (Thanks Michelle!)

Now, I know that you are expecting a song about Rich Man's Brioche, and I refuse to let you down. I found this particular video from when those fab boys were still young and cute. Turn it up and sing along as you enjoy rich and buttery brioche.