Saturday, 1 August 2009

July Bread Baking Buddy Round-Up!

I hope you are all having a most excellent weekend and are staying cool. For July's Bread Baking Babes challenge, in this hottest of months, I chose a bread that would be quick and fun and new to most people. Lots of fabulous Bread Baking Buddies joined in and whipped up some of these Sukkar bi Tahin, Beirut Tahini Swirls.
These were lots of fun as everyone put their own creative spin on the breads and had fun with them.
Let's take a look at their fabulous creations, shall we?

From Spain, over at 1x umr├╝hren bitte, aka kochtopf, Zorra grilled hers. So creative, and a great way to beat the heat!

Sherry is on Facebook (you need an account to view). "Baking Beirut Tahini Swirls so I can be mentioned on the Bread Baking Babes website. In my case the 3rd "B" might be Bat instead of Babe :-)."

In Michigan, (not too far from Ontario!) Nidhi of Charche Chauke Ke made savoury garbanzo swirls too, as well as paranthas. Yum!

Marjoke is in the Netherlands and at her blog, Company in my Kitchen, she loved the tahini/sugar combination in the breads.

In the United States, over at Madam Chow's Kitchen, Madam Chow gobbled hers up on the way to the airport.

Karin of Karin's Kitchen made these lovely swirls and hopes to visit Beirut one day.

In sunny California, Judy has an interesting garlic/sugar combo! This was due to an unfortunate realization that her tahini came pre-seasoned.. anyone have some good recipes for garlic-sugar-tahini sauce?

Another American blogger, Caitlin of Engineer Baker found out that she doesn't like tahini. Oh well. At least she tried!

Over at Paulchens FoodBlog In Austria, Astrid used spelt flour in her swirls. I am starting to learn how popular spelt flour is over the pond.

In India, the lovely Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen made her own tahini. So talented!

Over at Rosemary and Garlic in the U.S., Anne Marie used Walnut paste in her swirls. What an intriguing filling!

Over at Delta Kitchen, Andreas made some cute and puffy swirls. Like delicious little pillows full of tahini goodness.

Alisa of Jane of Many Trades, (who I almost posted as Jane!), is in Nashville, Tennessee, and made hers with leftover cinnamon filling. Very resourceful!
Thank you all so much for baking with the Bread Baking Babes this month, you have truly earned your Bread Baking Buddies badge!
If you are interested in the recipe that we baked from, click here.