Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Creamiest Mac and Cheese Ever!

I don't think boys ever grow out of their love of mac and cheese, even well into their 50's. I found this creamiest of creamy Three Cheese Pasta Bake to make for hubby this week.
You have to love any mac and cheese recipe with a brick of cream cheese in it! I loved the texture of the cheese sauce, and, though high in fat, cheese does have beneficial properties as well. Plus it is just plain delicious.
I made this with whole wheat pasta but I think it would be better with regular. Whole wheat macaroni has a bit of a strong wheaty flavour. Sigh, so much for trying to be good. Being naughty is so much more delicious.
I made the recipe as-is, adjusting for seasoning when the sauce was done. The breadcrumbs are panko and I broiled the top for a couple of minutes for colour and crunch. The recipe is here and in Anna Olson's new cookbook - Fresh with Anna Olson.
Serve the pasta with a small mountain of steamed broccoli to feel more virtuous.
We all know that reheated mac and cheese is not quite the same as freshly made. My secret for awesome leftovers? Frank's Red Hot. I love that stuff! You may have your own fave hot sauce, or a couple. Use what you like.