Friday, 8 January 2010

Gadget Junkie: Curly Fries!

This Christmas I received a spiral slicer. And by received I mean researched, ordered, paid for, and thanked hubby for later. Well, when you know what you want...
I had been wanting one for a while. I like the idea of making curly noodles and fries and such out of veggies. I have high hopes of making healthy foods out of super-healthy-anti-oxidant-omega-3-yada-yada-yada veggies. But the first time out? I made fries. Well, I can be good later.
Paderno Spiral Slicer

This is the one I got, there are high quality stainless steel ones that are out of my snack bracket and lower quality plastic ones that weren't worth the effort. This one is relatively inexpensive (around $50 Canadian), plastic, and works well. I know it had a different name before it was Paderno but I don't know what that was.


I love how cute they are! This is the freshly cut potato, drained. I throw them into a cold water bath until I need them and then drain them on clean kitchen towels.
Russets make great fries, new potatoes don't. Yukon Golds bridge the middle and can be used for both fries and potato salads. They are a very agreeable potato.

Very thin fries don't need to be blanched. They can be deep-fried at 375F until brown. Thicker potatoes need to be blanched in a lower temperature oil, 325F, for a few minutes, before being deep-fried at 375F.

As soon as your fries are out of the oil put them on a rack over paper towel or newspaper, sprinkle them with kosher salt and some seasoning. I like to use Montreal steak spice or chili powder or a mesquite seasoning. Use what you like. You might have to adjust the salt that you add if there is already a lot of salt in the seasoning.

Delish! Perfect with burgers.

Tonight - sweet potato fries. Ok, next week I will be good.