Friday, 1 January 2010

Worlds Easiest Pork Tostadas

I love my slow cooker, I really do. I love throwing food in there and having a meal hours later. I no longer fear lifting the lid once in a while and adjusting seasonings, towards the end, turning the temp from high to low or vice-versa when needed. There are so many rules they tell you about slow cookers that I just don't think are necessary. One of the great things about cooking is knowing how the dish is coming along and making little changes along the way, why should it be any different with slow cooked meals?
I love my slow cooker so much that it has spawned smaller slow cookers. In addition to my 5 quart, I have 3 quart and a 1.5 quart. I love having just the right size for my needs and even use them for warming milk gently to make yogurt and cheese.

This week I was inspired by this post on Fresh, Local and Best.
A small, boneless pork shoulder roast slow cooked with salsa and seasonings, shredded and served on a tostada. Brilliant! I totally missed where she added water, and didn't add any to mine. I used my small slow cooker, trimmed a tiny boneless pork shoulder roast and covered it in a jar of hot (spicy) salsa. I added some Mexican hot sauce on top and cooked on high for 6 hours, then turned to low. I would have done it all low for longer but only thought of making it in the afternoon.

The resulting pork was so tender, I shredded it and mixed it up with the sauce in the cooker, served it on tostadas with sliced red onion, sharp old Canadian cheddar and parsley. Simply wonderful, and I do mean simply. What could be easier? Go ahead and add seasonings in the beginning if your salsa is not already highly seasoned, I found mine was. No water was necessary. The hot sauce added just the right bite and I served more on the side. My tostadas happen to be chipotle flavoured which adds to the great flavour. Need an easy meal that tastes great? Here ya go. You're welcome!

They would be great with all sorts of toppings, shredded lettuce or cabbage, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, black olives... the world is your tostada. Hope your year is off to a great start!