Saturday, 13 March 2010

Book Review - What Recipes Don't Tell You

What Recipes Don't Tell You
From Appetizers to Zucchini
George Erdosh
Hardcover, 200 pages

This book is a handy kitchen reference guide, in alphabetical order. You will find cleaning, cooking and storing tips for most mainstream fruit and vegetables, as well as meat, seafood and poultry. Brief overviews of popular cooking styles, entertaining tips, and ingredients, organized in such a way that they are instantly accessible.
There are a few errors in the text that can be distracting, but the book is assembled in an organized manner with personality and humour showing here and there in the bulleted lists of information.
I did find that there were times that I disagreed with the information given, it seems to range from research to opinion and, like any book you read, it is best to keep a discriminating mind when taking in the information given. Mr. Erdosh is a researcher by nature, but the book contains no references or footnotes.
There are many books on the market that give a breakdown of valuable kitchen information, such as Shirley O. Corriher's BakeWise and CookWise, but this book is smaller and easier to navigate for quick reference. The fact that it doesn't rely on an index to find information can be quite valuable to the cook in a hurry. The information is brief, but easy to find.
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and even more reading about food. There are many great tips in this book that are universally true, and some interesting science behind the ingredients and cooking techniques. However there is also some outdated and faulty information which, no matter how small the percentage, doesn't let me fully put my faith in the rest of the information provided.
It is an interesting and handy reference guide, but read it (as, of course, you should read all things) with a discerning mind.