Saturday, 6 March 2010

Catching up with the BBA - Now with more Harry!

Catching up with the BBA challenge, I have been a busy baker.
It has been less than a year since I agreed to do the challenge, to bake every bread in Peter Reinhart's world famous artisan bread baking book - The Bread Baker's Apprentice. I am now so close to the end I can almost taste it. Here is what I baked up since my last BBA post....

Peter's Pannetone Bread, which I made as mini loaves, muffin style. These were pretty tasty, you did have to remind yourself that you were eating bread and not muffins - the only issue I had was with his instructions to bake them on the lower third of the oven - this made for some too-brown bums. No matter, we ate the top three quarters and left the bottoms with the papers. I am glad I tried them but probably won't make them again.


The Sunflower Seed Rye is shaped like a courounne (crown). I had lots of fun with this one, and really like his rye breads. There is something about the dense chewiness that is so satisfying.

Sunflower Seed Rye

Peter's Tuscan Saltless Bread was one many of us were dreading. There is actually very little salt in bread but, boy, you really notice when it is missing! The texture was perfect, but the saltless flavour reminds you that something is missing. We salted this baby up by making grilled cheese out of it. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Tuscan Saltless Bread

The Vienna Bread with Dutch Crunch Topping, which I made into torpedo rolls for some lovely chorizo sausages. These were very tasty indeed. The rolls are light and fluffy and the "crunch" is very interesting. It is made of rice flour, yeast, salt and water. Why the yeast in the crunch? I don't know. But the paste is brushed on the breads on their final rise and hardens and cracks in the oven. Crazy, I know, but it adds a fun crunchy factor to the breads.

Vienna Bread with Dutch Crunch Topping seen here with delicious grilled chorizo sausages, creamy avocado, sliced red onions and grated cheddar cheese. Yum!
This bread has been Yeastspotted.

I have four breads left to bake before I finish, so look out for one more post like this one. What happens when I finish? I don't know, but I don't think a parade would be out of line.

Coming soon: Stollen; Swedish Rye; Potato, Cheddar, and Chive Torpedoes; and the Roasted Onion and Asiago Miche.

Now, since you have been so good championing my quest to bake up all of The Bread Baker's Apprentice, I have included a short film by my favourite director, my son, Harry.

Harry had to make a 30 second commercial for his film class. Enjoy!