Friday, 19 March 2010

Forging Fromage - Brousse!

This month at Forging Fromage we are making Brousse!

Brousse is a fresh Provençal cheese made from goat's milk in some areas and sheep in others. It looks to be similar to a cross between chevre and ricotta. Traditionally it is eaten with honey or fresh herbs.

I made the cheese Wednesday and let it set overnight in my small coeur a la creme moulds, lined with cheesecloth. It is very mild and very delicate, definitely needed the fresh herbs with it. We served the cheese with basil, chives, and parsley - on salted crackers. Next time I might actually salt the cheese a little bit. This is a very elegant cheese and I could definitely see making it for guests or to bring to a small dinner party.

adapted from 200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes

Another simple cheese, needing no specialty ingredients.

Cloth-lined colander
4 Brousse moulds *for ideas of what to use for moulds, check the comments on the FF post

1 quart goat's milk (sheep is fine too)
1/4 cup white vinegar
filtered water

1. Sterilize all equipment. In a stainless steel pot over medium heat, bring milk just to the boiling point, stirring gently to prevent scorching. Remove from heat.

2. Dilute vinegar in 3/4 cups cool water and add to milk, stirring quickly with skimmer. Continue to stir milk vigorously with skimmer or a whisk until it curdles and small flakes of cheese rise to the top of the pot.

3. Using skimmer, ladle curds into a cloth-lined colander. Let drain over a bowl for 2-3 minutes. Using your hands or a spoon, fill Brousse moulds, packing curd down. Pour remaining milk through a cloth to strain out any remaining solids and add these to the moulds. Tap moulds slightly to ensure they are completely filled to the bottom.

4. Place moulds in a basket or bowl so they stand upright. Let drain for about 6 hours. Place in the refrigerator and unmould cheese as you use them. Brousse must be eaten fresh, preferably within 24 hours.* Other sources say 3-4 days is fine

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