Sunday, 18 April 2010

Novel Review: Neverland by Douglas Clegg

a novel
by Douglas Clegg

A great summer read, Neverland will keep you up at night.
Douglas Clegg is a New York Times bestselling author and his new novel explores the macabre in an almost fugue state that keeps you guessing what is real and what is imaginary. Eventually the lines blur even more as a group of bored children, trapped on a dilapidated family estate with bickering booze-soaked parents and a wheelchair-bound spooky old Grammy, flee the cacophonous confines of the old house and enter the mysterious old shed they dub Neverland.
Particularly chilling is the leader of the children, emotionally damaged Sumter, whose games, dares, and rituals lead them further into the enchanted place's spell.
The novel weaves the frustrations of childhood with family secrets, magic and dream-states, drawing you ever closer to the gripping climax.
I guarantee you will be giving any dilapidated old sheds a wide berth after reading Neverland this summer.