Saturday, 1 May 2010

Cookbook Review: Lighthearted at Home, The Very Best of Anne Lindsay

Lighthearted at Home
The Very Best of Anne Lindsay
Anne Lindsay
Hardcover, 512 pages

Anne Lindsay has been a healthy eating/healthy lifestyle advocate and teacher for over 25 years, has written many award-winning cookbooks, which have been tested and promoted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and has even won The Order of Canada for her tireless efforts in promoting delicious healthy eating.
Her new book, Lighthearted at Home, is a collection of best and favourite recipes from her career, complete with nutritional information (updated) and tips such as making components of the dish ahead and optional substitutions.
There are sections of beautiful photos, but not for each dish. (Understandable, as there are so many recipes)
I found the recipes straight-forward, easy to understand and execute, as well as being tasty and original. I was pleasantly surprised with the unique flavour combinations and the ease with which these tasty dishes came together.
Here is what we tried from the book:

I was intrigued by the Honey-Raisin Granola, not so much for the flavours (although the addition of sesame seeds was surprisingly delicious) but for the method of squeezing clumps of the cereal together to make the clusters that we all love. Unfortunately only some of my clusters remained intact, leaving the rest of the granola fairly flaky and small - but it was quite tasty nonetheless.

We absolutely loved the Citrus Quinoa Salad. Nuts and dried fruit with fresh cucumbers, herbs and tinned mandarin orange segments combined with the lemony Asian-style dressing made for a unique and delicious combination. Hubby ate the leftovers for breakfast - not something he generally does with salad. High praise indeed.

Another unique and yummy side was the Wild Rice, Bulger and Tomato Salad. This was a heartier salad with great texture. Both fresh and satisfying, it is a wonderful spin on a traditional tabbouleh salad.

The Lemon-Tarragon Sole Fillets were tasty and super-easy. As long as you had thawed out your sole fillets ahead of time, you could have this on the table in 15 minutes. Just brush on the creamy, yogurty sauce and broil. What could be better than that?

Everyone loves a burger, so we cooked up the Ginger-Garlic Chicken Burgers. We loved the bold Asian flavours and serve them on toasted rye bread with sautéed mushrooms and....

Fries! You can't have a burger without fries. These Roasted Sesame-Chili French Fries were the perfect complement to the chicken burgers. Why have I not thought of roasting sesame seeds on fries before? Brilliant! We loved this healthy and simple Asian twist on the classic burger and fries.

This magnum opus contains enough simple, healthy, and delicious recipes to keep you going for some time. I didn't see any shady food-substitutes that you often come across in a lighter-fare cookbook, the ingredients are all fresh and real and the dishes don't leave you feeling deprived in any way. Eating light has never been so delicious!