Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mellow Bakers May Breads

This month the Mellow Bakers tackled Grissini (Italian breadsticks), Corn Bread, and Miche-Pointe-a-Callière. We are baking our way through Jeffrey Hamelman's epic bread baking book, Bread. For those of you keeping track; this is 7 down, just less than eighty to go..

Grissini are fun to make and shape, traditionally they are done very long but I did mine a bit shorter to fit them across the pan and for easier storage. Mine are flavoured with one bulb of roasted garlic and some Nigella Seeds.
Popular serving suggestions for grissini include wrapping the tops with proscuitto or serving them standing straight up in a glass vessel as a part of a cheese platter. They are best crispy so if yours have lost that crunch - pop them in a hot oven for a couple of minutes. They are also excellent to serve with salad and for those very exciting kitchen table fencing tournaments. Don't even try to tell me you don't do that.

Hamelman's Corn Bread is different than your average cornbread as it is made with a yeasted dough, cornmeal being a smaller player in the production. I made the recipe into 12 rolls which were excellent for sandwiches and would also make great burger buns. Maybe for a Southwest style of burger, with chipotle mayo and smokey bacon, sweet onion, crisp lettuce, beefsteak tomato and.... what was I saying?

You can find my friend Jude's adaptation of the Corn Bread recipe here.

The Miche-Pointe-a-Callière recipe makes a whopping 5 pound loaf, more than even we can eat, so I opted to make a half sized loaf. Is it still a miche if it isn't overwhelmingly large? I choose to think it is. Miche is just such a cool word. Grandmas bake loaves, I created a miche. See? Cooler.
We are having July early here in Canada, I was not used to how active my dough has been. I do tend to give my sourdoughs a small boost with a pinch of yeast for good luck but I might not have even needed it for this one.
Poor Peter (my sourdough starter) had to go back in the fridge as he was starting to ferment just a little too much.
Anyway, the miche cures for 12 hours after baking and then is perfect for sammies - which is about all we want to make in this heat anyway. The sourdough gives it a nice tang and it is excellent toasted.

Next month: the Mellow Bakers take on Beer Bread with Roasted Barley, Vermont Sourdough, and Pizza Dough. Join us!