Friday, 4 June 2010

Bread Baking Day #30 Round-Up. Part Three!

Our theme for Bread Baking Day #30 was Twisted Breads. I am so happy that so many people from all over the world decided to do the twist with me!
I have a multi-post round-up, with about 10 per post, as they came in.
Check out all the gorgeous twisted breads!

Kitchen scientist Elizabeth from Blog from OUR Kitchen, Canada, made these delicious Sesame Twisted Rings on the BBQ!

My long-time baking friend Elra from Elra's Baking, U.S., made these delightful Twisted Sweet Potato Cranberry Rolls.

Gul from Aegean Eating, Greece, made this delicious Aegean Farmer's Bread.

The lovely Zorra, creator of Bread Baking Day, of the blog 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf, made this delicious Pain Paillasse (Twisted Bread).

Margaret, my baking buddy of Tea and Scones, U.S., made this delicious Braided Cheese Stuffed Garlic Parmesan Bread.

Swathi from Zesty South Indian Kitchen, U.S., made this colourful Braided Rye Bread.

Tina from Chocolate River, Germany, made this beautiful Estonian Kringel.

My good friend Natalia from gatti fili e farina, Italy, made these very flavourful and fun Torcetti al Cioccolato.

Paul of Yumarama, Canada, and creator of the new Mellow Bakers, made these fun and funky Grissini with a Twist.

Cascabel (Petra) of Chili und Ciabatta, Germany, made this delicious Raisin Brioche Twist.


Thanks everyone for doing the twist with me, you are all awesome bakers! (Also a little bit twisted..)
June's BreadBakingDay is a special 3 year anniversary theme and will be hosted by our very own Zorra, creator of BreadBakingDay. The theme will be announced June 6th here.