Saturday, 5 June 2010

Cookbook Review - Poor Girl Gourmet

Poor Girl Gourmet
Eat in style on a bare bones budget
by Amy McCoy, author of
Softcover, 222 pages

In this bright and colourful cookbook, popular food blogger Amy McCoy shares her tips, delicious recipes and total philosophy on eating well on a budget. The first and foremost - make your own meals.
Amy shows how to make healthy and delicious meals for four for under fifteen dollars, breaking each recipe down to dollars and cents. These are simple but gourmet meals that are presented in a friendly and conversational manner.
You will be inspired to shop smarter, eat better, and save money.

Here are the Poor Girl Gourmet dishes that we tested this week:

Going with two of the Poor Girl Gourmet guidelines, my "Shop Sales" and "Buy in Bulk" bag of carrots was perfect for the Roasted Carrots with Thyme. Simple and delicious and a great alternative for starchier carbs like potatoes.

Leftover bread gets a new life in this classic Panzanella (Italian Bread and Tomato Salad). Born from cucina povera, the classic Italian cuisine of the common people, nothing goes to waste - especially day old bread. Amy's Italian grandmother owned an Italian restaurant and created the recipes there herself, teaching Amy about good food at a young age.
This is one of my husband's favourite summer salads - made even less expensive for me as I pinched the basil from my neighbour's garden. The mint was from my own garden and if anyone needs any mint - I have tons.

Perfect for lunch boxes was this Isreali Couscous with Chickpeas and Almonds. Delicious and healthy, it is given a zesty lift with fresh orange.

I have never met a noodle I didn't like, especially a fresh one. Amy's House-Made Egg Pasta was straightforward and just the right texture. Perfect for..

The Kale Lasagne with Walnut Pesto. This was so totally delicious, made extra creamy with a rich bechamel sauce and a judicious use of cheese. It is hard to believe something so luxurious is budget friendly - we absolutely loved it.

Another huge hit were these Olive Caper Fish Cakes with Lemon-Dill Sauce. The tilapia is chopped rather than flaked and, paired with the panko, capers and olives - the fish cakes had amazing texture as well as flavour.


The Poor Girl Gourmet - eating on a budget has never been so delicious!