Sunday, 13 June 2010

Peterson's Happy Hour

Peterson's Happy Hour
Spirited Cocktails and Helpful Hints to Brighten Daily Life
Valerie Peterson
Hardcover, 128 pages

You don't even want to know the week I have had. Just the retelling will drive you to drink. Let's just agree that everything that can go wrong will - and will do it all at once. I am happy to report that I have seen my way through to the other side and, although hopelessly behind in just about everything - I survived.
This calls for a celebration, no? I declare it happy hour and I have the book to back it up.
Peterson's Happy Hour is a small, fun volume with more than 50 delicious drink recipes for all sorts of trying or not so trying situations that might arise.

Let's face it, we love all love mixed drinks, admittedly some more fancy than others, and who wants to pay bar and restaurant prices? Making them at home is more fun and recession-friendly. Also, you don't have to drive home. Bonus. Have two.

In a post-stressful week celebration, my bartender, also known as my husband, whipped up a couple of The All-Americans. A delicious bourbon-applejack cooler filled with appley goodness. I knew I bought that gourmet unfiltered apple cider for a reason..

And a totally decadent treat was the Nutty Candy. This one was all mine, baby. Amaretto, chocolate liqueur, creamy coconut milk - it tasted just like a chocolate bar and went down very easily. These would even be great to serve as dessert after a great meal.

But more than the sum of its 50+ drink recipes, Peterson's Happy Hour has paired each recipe with the perfect situation to indulge. Pink Slip-per Sangria anyone? Theme Park Prescription, En-Gin Trouble, Bittersweet Victory, and Tech-Tonic are some of the fun-themed cocktails - each with a humourous introduction tying the drink to the situation and fun ephemera to brighten your day. A small, fun book - it would make an excellent host or hostess gift.
Now if you will excuse me, I have roofers banging away above me - I think I need to make myself a Demolition Daiquiri.