Thursday, 29 July 2010

Summer Salad; Sweet, Fruity, and Easy

Am I a summer person? Maybe not, I like the more temperate conditions of spring and fall, but I do love summer grilling and especially summer produce.
Dinner can be as simple as grilled chicken or chops with a great salad. And what better for a summer salad than fruit?

This is when the trepidatious would say, "which fruit?" and "how shall I pair them?". To which I say, "whatever you have on hand" and "with whatever you feel like". There is no exact science to making a salad, put in what you like. I find we like summer salads with a bed of greens, either stolen harvested from our neighbour's garden or whatever we have on hand, paired with something crunchy like cucumber or celery, add whatever fruit you have on hand, in this case we have pear and blueberries and fresh herbs - we used Chinese chives here. Cheese of any kind would be great, chevre, bleu, cheddar, you name it. And toasted nuts? Inspired.

What sets off your easy-peasy summer salad is a great dressing. You could make your own of course, I do love a homemade dressing, but sometimes you want to come home to something a little easier and I found that these Girard's Premium Salad Dressings that I sampled this week were very complementary to the classic summer salad. With this particular salad I used the Creamy Balsamic. If I used apples instead of the pears, the Apple Poppyseed would have been perfect. And how about a little Peach Mimosa or Champagne dressing? Just scream summer don't they?

So this summer, don't forget to use lots of fruit in your salads, and, if you come across it, give Girard's Premium Salad Dressings a try.