Sunday, 8 August 2010

Easy-Peasy Raspberry Ice Pops for Grown-Ups

It is definitely the summer of the ice pop and why not? Many of us have had crazy hot weather and anything frozen on a stick is seriously inviting.
I'm not going to give you a traditional recipe for these, as your ice pop moulds may be larger or smaller than mine, just a formula for delicious and easy ice pops to soothe your fevered brow.

Raspberry Ice Pops

In a large liquid measuring cup - Handful of frozen raspberries, thawed, macerated in a good glug of sour raspberry liqueur for 15 minutes, topped up with a good red fruit punch like Dole or your favourite. Stir well and pour into moulds, freeze overnight.
How much? That depends on the size of your moulds. Take one and fill it with water to the level you would fill it for ice pops. Pour the water into a small liquid measuring cup and note the volume. Multiply this by the amount of ice pops that you want to make (mine makes 6). Adjust your ingredients accordingly.

*Using alcohol in your ice pops - is fun and exciting and must be done judiciously lest you greatly lower the freezing temperature of your pops. (ie: strong alcohol does not freeze)
If you soak your fruit in the alcohol first, it will freeze better and the rest will disperse into your juice. (These pops are for grown-ups)

For more awesome ice pops recipes, check out my friend Kim's site.