Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mandarin Mango Pops - More Ice Pops for Grown-Ups

Ready for another grown-up ice pop? Tell those kids to get their own, these ones are for the adults.
Mandarin orange segments remind me of my grandma - she used to make orange jello with tinned mandarin orange segments in it and it was pure love to me. A respite from hippie food at home, (which, at the time, quite often translated into no food) my grandma would fill me up with packaged foods and all sorts of wonders crafted more from science than nature.
My love of the tinned mandarin oranges remains, and indeed they are perfect for these popsicles as they soften delightfully in the peach schnapps and add a chewy treat to the tropical pop. Enjoy!

Mandarin Mango Pops

1 small can mandarin orange segments in syrup - about 1 cup
1 oz peach schnapps
Mango juice or punch
½ tsp pure vanilla extract

Strain mandarin segments, reserve syrup.
Add schnapps to the segments in a small bowl and let macerate for 15 minutes.
Combine macerated fruit mixture with reserved syrup, vanilla, and enough mango juice in a 4-cup measuring glass to make up the volume* that you need for your popsicle moulds.
Pour into moulds, making sure an equal amount of fruit ends up in each mould, and freeze overnight.

(To figure out the volume that you will need - fill one mould with water and pour out into a liquid measure. Multiply by the number of moulds you need to fill.)