Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Gifts Cooks Love - Recipes for Giving

Spreading the Love with Gifts from the Kitchen
What's better than a lovingly crafted foodie gift from your own kitchen? A homemade gift says that you care enough to give of your time and talent, and feeding someone has always been a symbol of love.

This season, gourmet toy store Sur La Table and award-winning cookbook author Diane Morgan have come out with an entire book of great foodie gift-giving ideas for year-round sharing. Sweet, savoury, baked, cured and smoked, even drink gifts are covered - all with gift tag, recipe card, and decorative packaging ideas to make any holiday special. Some require specific equipment, like the canned items - sauces and jams and chutneys - dehydrated foods and baked goods. And some are easily mixed together - such as the Backyard BBQ Rub and Seven Month Vanilla Extract. And there is even a section in the back for assembling great foodie gift baskets - S'mores Kit, Breakfast Kit, Pasta Kit, Cheese Kit, Retro Popcorn Kit and the Grill Kit. Each kit expands upon the recipes included in the book for a complete package to delight those special people on your list this year.There is something for everyone, and for every skill level, in this book. Make a little homemade magic in your kitchen this year!

Gifts Cooks Love
Recipes for Giving
Diane Morgan, Sur La Table
Hardcover, 192 pages

I whipped up a batch of the Orange-Cardamom Marmalade, sweet, sticky and delicious on hot toast with a cup of Earl Grey tea. I've already sent one into the city for my husband's English co-worker and will be leaving one in my neighbour's kitchen when I go and check on her puppy today. What a fun way to add a little sunshine to a person's day!

And the Bollywood Coconut Curry Popcorn Seasoning is perfect for my daughter and her roomies, away at university. Popcorn is a student's best friend and this seasoning makes it truly exotic.

And, wearing the red flowered hat, I have made the Apricot-Bourbon Mustard. Simple to make, with big wow-factor, this is a pungent mustard for the savoury people on your list. I think it would be wonderful with soft pretzels.

Below is a sample recipe from the Sur La Table website. Mini Apricot and Ginger Quick Breads.

This Christmas I may try the Biscotti Christmas Tree - I think the kids would like that. And the Blackberry Merlot Jellies..  well, those would be for me. ☺