Friday, 1 October 2010

Cheddar Gougères

Please do not mistake us for rolls. We are not to be buttered, or spread with peanut butter and jelly, or used to sop up chili con carne. For you see, we hold a secret. Inside our rough exterior there is magical airiness. We are but delicious shells, that dissolve in the mouth, leaving nothing but a whisper on your tongue. We are the soufflés of the bread world. Divine carriers of cheese.

And we are the very first recipe in Dorie Greenspan's new book - Around My French Table.
Leave it to Dorie to make gougères easier. Gone are the aching arms, frantically beating in each egg stove-top. Dorie lets us use the stand mixer. Why haven't we been able to use the stand mixer for pâté à choux before? People have been holding out on us. Now that I can use my mixer, I may make these regularly. Gruyère is my favourite, but this time I used sharp Cheddar. I am all for using what you have on hand. Dorie understands.

Dorie is also the reason I use my food processor for everything possible. She's cool like that. Personally, I can't stand the people who say all you need is a sharp knife. Who are they kidding? They don't know the love of a good stand mixer. And food processor. And twenty seven thousand other gadgets I just happen to have on hand.

Next up on French Fridays with Dorie - Gerard's Mustard Tart