Monday, 15 November 2010

No More Cold Mashed Potatoes!

I love the holidays, I really do. I like to serve family style, platters and casseroles of goodies all piled up on the island or even on the table itself, depending on how many people we have over. The only problem? The food starts cooling down pretty darned quickly on the table or buffet. To the point where it can be cold by the time you go for seconds (and you know you are going for seconds). And, depending on how slow people are getting to the table (not mentioning any names.. and certainly not mentioning any crazy food bloggers that might be holding up the process by taking photos of the gorgeous food before anyone has a chance to eat it) you end up asking yourself, "Is there a way I could actually keep these plates warm, the mashies and turkey warm, on the table?" China can crack in the oven, and what if you have a pie in there anyway? (I assume, if I am coming for dinner, that you have made a pie. My favourites are peach and apple, FYI).

So when CSN stores asked me to review a product for, I immediately chose the Toastess Cordless Warming Tray. It holds 4 plates and even low platters and casseroles. You plug it in for 8 minutes, then it is warm for an hour! You don't even need the cord after that, the whole thing detaches. How cool is that? (I'm sorry, I mean warm!)

The only caveat - you don't want to slide the plates on it, lift them off to avoid scratching the nice stainless steel surface. No more cold mashed potatoes in my house!