Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bento - Perfect Holiday Party Fare!

If I could have a sign by the highway that says "Will work for sushi"  I would. Seriously. My family takes me for all you can eat sushi on special occasions and I do - eat it all. Also, sushi is finger food. Finger food is the best kind of food there is. Especially for parties.

Now that we have gotten rid of November - and seriously, what is with November? Is there some sort of natural law that says we aren't allowed to have sun for that whole month? I feel my skin has turned gray to match the sky. I have high hopes for December though, I am feeling perkier already. Parties and festive music, over-spending -how I love to shop! (Mostly for me though, sorry kids.)

And did I mention parties?

Okay, you have now been invited to three parties and December has just started. Plus, the neighbours are coming over that weekend, the one you work. Wine and beer are pretty easy to have on hand, but what to bring or serve to eat?

Sushi! Yes, it is possible to make your own. I have done it. But you don't always have a few hours to make sushi. I have been told that not everybody actually lives in their kitchen, or has puppies. Pity, that.

That's why it is so wonderful that Bento is available all across Canada in all the major supermarkets, that they have beautifully packaged sushi delights in lots of different styles, and that they include the wasabi, soy sauce and gari right in the box! You could pick it up on your way home from work and spend that extra time on something important - like doing your hair or changing into some stylish clothes, before being the hit of the party with your sushi boats.

Just make sure you pick up an extra one if you know I am going to be there. Seriously, I love sushi.

Check below for information about how to eat sushi, Bento's commitment to sustainability, quality and safety, and awesome photographs my husband managed to take before I gobbled up all the sushi. Don't worry, he managed to get some too. Fortunately my photographer will work for food - especially sushi.

Sustainable Sushi
As Canada’s leading sushi provider, Bento takes environmental issues seriously and has partnered with SeaChoice to be the first sustainable sushi company in Canada. In addition, Bento’s sushi is traced from source to table, providing customers with the comfort of knowing where their sushi comes from.

Canada’s most comprehensive sustainable seafood program, SeaChoice was formed by five internationally respected Canadian conservation organizations – Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ecology Action Center, Living Oceans Society, Sierra Club British Columbia and the David Suzuki Foundation. Working together, Bento and SeaChoice will make it easier for sushi lovers to make sustainable seafood choices. Bento plans to offer only sustainable seafood  products by 2012.

California Roll Club Boat
Quality and Safety
Bento adheres to strict policies and procedures by working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure the quality and safety of its products. This makes the company a trusted source of consistently fresh and safely prepared sushi from coast to coast.

Skilled Chefs
Bento’s team includes more than 900 highly trained sushi chefs - lending an air of true authenticity to sushi preparation. With locations across Canada, Bento uses unique insight to track and adjust to regional sushi trends, ensuring the most variety and highest quality of grocery sushi to Canadians.

Salmon Sushi Club Boat
How to Enjoy Supermarket Sushi 
  • Keep it fresh: Store in the fridge and eat the sushi within one day of purchasing. Sushi should never be frozen.
  • Temperature is key: Sushi should always be kept refrigerated. Sushi tastes best when it is at room temperature, it can be left out up to 20 minutes and then enjoyed.
  • Go sustainable: Find out where the fish is from, and when possible choose sushi from a sustainable source. Bento has partnered with SeaChoice to become Canada’s first sustainable sushi company.  All Bento sushi products containing sustainable fish and seafood are marked with a SeaChoice sticker.
Assorted Maki Sushi Club Boat
  • Dress it up: Partner your sushi with your favourite sauce. Soy sauce mixed with a little wasabi is a classic way to enjoy most sushi, or you can pick up specialty sauces like goma (sesame sauce) and sweet chilli sauce.
  • Meet Gari (ginger): Gari is a pickled ginger traditionally served with sushi. It is normally eaten to cleanse the palate between bites and at the end of the meal, however many enjoy piling it on top of their sushi to give it an extra kick. Look for natural ginger that is free of dyes and aspartame.
  • Try something different: Try a combo with something familiar and something daring. We recommend the Cali-Shogun combo – our best-selling California rolls with a delicious assortment of nigiri (hand-formed sushi rice covered with fresh fish).
  • Make a meal of it: Pick up sides to compliment your meal. Seaweed salad or Japanese pork dumplings go well with sushi and are full of nutrients.
  • Share it: Pick up a sushi boat that contains various types of sushi and is enough to enjoy with a friend. More variety and more fun!
Salmon Sushi Club Boat