Friday, 24 December 2010

Weekend Novel Review: Carving the Light

Carving the Light
Sue A. Maynard
Paperback, 164 pages

Carving the Light is an emotional and uplifting book about three sisters bonded by tragedy and plagued by personal secrets and shame. It spans love, illness and death, and the power of forgiveness.
Maynard weaves the stories of each sister well, intertwining the past and the present to create a compelling novel. I found that once I picked it up, I had to keep reading until I had finished it.You may want to have a few tissues nearby. ☺

Carving the Light is a Createspace production, available on Amazon.

Author Bio
Sue Maynard was born and raised in the rural Canadian village of Creemore, ON (yes, like the beer), but currently hangs her hat in the much bigger metropolis of She is a proud Browncoat, a horror geek girl, and an overall sci fi nerd. In addition to writing, Sue is a total freak for movies, books, video games, comicons, llamas, paperdolls, shiny things, Coke Zero, and her cat.

She is also a featured Goodreads author.
Check out her blog Writing from The Inside Out.

Happy holidays from my family to yours!