Sunday, 30 January 2011

Book Review: Vegan in 30 Days

Get healthy. Save the World. 
Sarah Taylor
Paperback, 128 pages

Vegan in 30 Days is a book for people who have made the decision to begin a vegan diet. It is a 30 day game plan of inspiration, elimination, and tips for a new vegan lifestyle.

Sarah Taylor was inspired by author John Robbins to give veganism a try in 2002. She had been vegetarian for 10 years and was curious to see how a vegan diet would affect her. She had planned on doing it as a one month cleanse, but found she felt so good that she adopted the vegan diet as a permanent lifestyle.

She recommends veganism as a way to lose weight, prevent or reverse disease, increase energy, save animals from suffering and death, and reduce your carbon footprint. But the book isn't so much to convince you to become vegan as to give you the steps to ease into it over the course of a month.

Each kind of animal product is slowly eliminated from the diet over the month, while you are given tips and coaching on eating well, learning more about the vegan lifestyle, and the philosophy of veganism.

As a motivational speaker, she is very positive and energetic in her writing. Her enthusiasm is contagious. If a vegan diet is one that you are seriously considering, this book is a handy little guide to help you in your transition.