Monday, 17 January 2011

The Dead Texan. You heard me.

One, when one has a teenage boy, does tend to make the odd extreme diner specialty. Well, this one, anyway. Fair is fair, my daughter gets her Indian and Asian vegan feasts, as per her requests, and the youngest? Every once in a while he gets what he wants too. Like this weekend, for instance.

After seeing the Dead Texan, one of the most extreme burgers to be featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (triple D, for those who don't like to be hampered by too many syllables), he knew this was a mountain we had to climb at least once. And, in celebration of his finding and keeping his first real job - I made Dead Texans. Dog help me.

Guy Fieri, visiting Swagger, home of the Dead Texan. Includes step by step instructions on how to assemble the burger.

I know you are just waiting for a chance to make this at home. Perhaps for a sporting event, or in celebration of something special. Or in a selfless move to make space in this ever crowding planet by reducing your lifespan. Whatever your reason, kudos to you if you can eat the whole thing.

Per Dead Texan, you will need:

2 grilled cheese sammies on Texas Toast. With raw jalapeno slices in there for good measure.
Fried egg
More cheese!
Peppercorn mayo (you can just stir cracked black peppercorns into good mayo)
Lettuce, tomato, onion (see - healthy! ;-)

Put one jalapeno grilled cheese sammie on the plate. Spread on some peppercorn mayo. Top with bacon, then burger, then cheese, then fried egg, then veggies, then top with another grilled cheese, spread with peppercorn mayo of course.
Serve with fries (mine are homemade, just oven baked russets seasoned with chili powder)
And rootbeer floats - for that total dying, I mean diner, experience.

How were they? Amazing. For about the first ¾ of the burger. Then I couldn't eat anymore. But my son cleaned his plate. And then ate the leftover fries. Ah, to be able to eat like a teenager again.