Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Armchair Novel Review - Crime Machine

Crime Machine
by Giles Blunt
Paperback, 304 pages
Also available as an eBook and in hardcover

Crime Machine is a Northern Ontario procedural/crime/mystery that takes place 340 kilometres north of Toronto.

Police detective John Cardinal, still mourning the loss of his late wife Catherine, has moved into a stuffy condo to escape the constant reminders of her troubled life. His work on old cold case files in a sleepy northern town is interrupted by a violent crime, unheard of in that area. Two visitors to the annual fur auction are found murdered and decapitated in a remote home. 

This initial brutal crime turns out to be just the beginning of a complex story of crime, an intense and fast-paced thriller guaranteed to keep you up at night, reading far past your bedtime.

Giles Blunt weaves a tight and riveting crime thriller in a uniquely Canadian terroir, with perfect pacing and suspense. He manages to infuse each character, including the bad guys, with depth, complexity, and humanity.

Blunt's writing career has taken him to the US as a screenwriter for television but his real passion and unique talent is for Canadian crime fiction. This is the first John Cardinal book I have read but I will definitely be looking out for more - Giles Blunt has jumped on to my top ten Canadian writers list.
Other novels in the John Cardinal series include:
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If you love crime/mystery novels - Crime Machine a must-have for your library!