Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Flaxseed Rye with Sesame Crust

And people say "seedy" like it's a bad thing!

This is a healthy and delicious seedy rye, filled with the benefits of flax - a tiny seed that packs big nutritional benefits - especially if ground or soaked. The bread is then rolled in sesame seeds for a nutty, seedy, complex rye with tangy sourdough flavour. Great for sammies, but I like it with just a touch of salted butter.

You'll need 2-3 days for this bread, and a healthy sourdough starter, so plan accordingly. Of course, most of the time is unattended, this bread is fairly easy to make. Happy baking!

Diet File: Flaxseed
This tiny seed is loaded with nutritional benefits.
By Canadian Living

What It Does for You
Flax, a blue-flowering crop grown on the Prairies, produces flaxseed, or linseed, a tiny seed packed with nutritional components that can play an important role in your diet. Here are some of the benefits.

Soluble fibre helps lower cholesterol levels and cut the risk of heart disease.

Alpha linolenic acid, a heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid, helps reduce blood thickness, so the heart doesn't have to work as hard to push it through blood vessels. Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce the risk of blood clots and help lower triglyceride levels.

Phytoestrogens, or plant chemicals, called lignans convert in the body to compounds that are similar to, but much weaker than, human estrogen.
Flax may reduce the incidence and size of tumours. One small study by Lilian Thompson, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto, showed that the rate of tumour growth in breast cancer patients was reduced when they consumed 25 grams of flax per day.
Flaxseed Rye with a Sesame Crust
adapted from Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread
for the Mellow Bakers
1 loaf

The night before:

Rye flour- 6.4 oz
Water- 5.1 oz
Mature sourdough culture- 2 Tbsp
Combine and cover. Let rest at room temperature for 14-16 hours.

Flaxseeds, whole- 1.6 oz
Water- 4.8 oz
Cover seeds with the water, stir to combine. Cover and let rest the same 14-16 hours as the sourdough.
Get some sleep.

*All water used in bread should be room temperature and chlorine free. I use water that has been sitting out in the kettle. (Bottled water does not mean clean water, or chlorine free - make sure you water has had time to sit out and let the chlorine dissipate -12 hours at least)

The next day

Final dough
Rye flour - 3.2 oz
Bread flour- 6.4 oz
Water- 2.1 oz
Fine sea salt- ½ Tbsp
Instant, dry yeast- ¾ tsp
Soaker- all
Sourdough- all

Sesame seeds- 3 Tbsp approx

Add all final dough ingredients to your stand mixer bowl. Combine on low speed with a dough hook until thoroughly incorporated. Mix on medium for 3 minutes to develop strength.
On a lightly floured board, finish kneading and shape into a boule.
Cover and let rise for 1 hour.
Shape into a loaf, roll in sesame seeds, cover and let rise 1-2 hours, depending on how warm or cold your kitchen is. Minimum for a warm kitchen, max for a chilly one.
Preheat oven to 440°F
Score bread. 
Bake on stone or pan for 40 minutes.
Let cool on wire rack.
Best to wait until next day to slice and serve, so that flavours can continue to develop.

This bread has been Yeastspotted!