Sunday, 10 April 2011

Write More Good

@FakeAPStylebook Presents
An Absolutely Phony Guide On How To
Write More Good
Foreward by Roger Ebert
Softcover, 272 pages

A spoof on the AP (Associated Press) Stylebook, and guaranteed to get you fired if you use it, Write More Good was written more goodly by the Bureau Chiefs, of Twitter's FakeAPStylebook fame.

I have been following them for a while, in my writers' column (yes, we food bloggers like to think of ourselves as writers, some of us more or less than others), and I have found them quite entertaining. A humorous and soothing salve to take away some of the pain of having to read the "real life journalism" of today. Shudder.

What Jon Stewart has done for tv news, Write More Good aims to do for written journalism. Mocking the painful stylings of popular papers and even internet writing, Write More Good pokes fun at just how far the written word has denigrated and how low journalism has fallen in credibility.

I was pleasantly surprised when they came out with a book, and even more so to find that it wasn't just a collection of their hilarious tweets, but an organized compendium on different pertinent topics to write more good. On. 

Contents Include:
News & Headline Writing & You & Journalism
Politics: When The Horse Race Lasts Thirty Months
Entertainment: The Glitz, The Glamour, The Death of the Superego
Sex: Ew
Sports: The Sport of Kings
The Shiny Money Box, or, Technology and the Death of All Paper
Science (and the Blinding by Thereof)
Pseudoscience and the Supernatural: Ya Rly
Weapons and the Military: Shoot First, Then Ask Questions About Shooting
Citation and Attribution: Do Not Hit the Snooze Button
Punctuation and Grammar: LOL
Media Law: You Are So Screwed
The Morgue: The Dead Live!

Some parts made me laugh out loud, some parts just merited an "eh", but Write More Good was a fun and funny book to read. Go ahead, read it. I claim no responsibility if you get fired. ☺