Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Armchair Novel Review - The Thirteen

The Thirteen
by Susie Moloney
Hardcover, 336 pages
Also available as an eBook

The Thirteen has been described as The Witches of Eastwick meets Desperate Housewives, and I can definitely see that. The peaceful suburb of Haven Woods is a little too peaceful, a little too perfect. Unless you count the odd sudden slaughter of its inhabitants, mostly men. A small price to pay to have everything you want, no?

A circle of friends will support you through the bad times, a circle of witches can drag you through hell. 

This is what Paula Wittmore learns when she goes home to peaceful Haven Woods to look after her suddenly ailing mother. Her mother tries to make her leave, again, but Paula is determined to help her. Besides, she has nowhere else to go. 

12 year old Rowan bridges childhood and young adulthood. Street-smart and inquisitive, she knows something is wrong with this town her mother has brought her to. Something wrong with the people.

Filed under supernatural chick-lit, The Thirteen is a fast-paced thriller with a decidedly female bent. A good summer read, it'll have you up in the wee hours turning pages until you get to the final climax.

Susie Moloney talks about The Thirteen here: