Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vegan Family Meals

As some of you know, my daughter went on a trip to Iceland this spring. As an art student, she went to experience the art, design, and architecture of a different culture, and she had the experience of a lifetime.

And it was also the longest I had gone without seeing her, so of course I wanted to make something special for her when she got back to Canada!

My daughter has a sensitive system, and a vegan diet works well for her - which is why I chose to prepare a dish from the new book, Vegan Family Meals.

People have different reasons for choosing a vegan diet. Many of us cook vegan part-time as part of a balanced lifestyle, while others embrace the vegan life fully. Whatever your cooking philosophy, you will find something to love in Vegan Family Meals. 

Vegan Family Meals
Real Food for Everyone

by Ann Gentry
Hardcover, 272 pages

Ann Gentry is the Hollywood-adored author and creator of Real Food Daily, and is a pioneer of vegan, organic and seasonal cooking.

Vegan Family Meals has more than 100 plant-based recipes, many of which can be made simply and quickly, to please and satisfy your family.

As a mom, Ann makes sure to include snacks and treats in her healthy repertoire. The book is lively and colourful with full page photos of the delicious recipes.

In our KitchenPuppy test kitchen, and in honour of my daughter's return, I whipped up the dinner salad - Mixed Oak and Green Leaf Salad with Sesame-Hiziki Croquettes, Garbanzo Beans, and Ginger-Tahini Dressing.

A little more complicated than some of the other dishes and salads in the book, it was easily broken down into its parts - the Sesame-Hiziki Croquettes (made with hiziki, sesame, vegetables, millet, garbanzo beans, herbs and spices), the Salad (oak leaf and green lettuces, seasoned), the Dressing (tahini and ginger and lemon and seasonings) and the Assembly (putting it all together and garnishing with more garbanzo beans, julienned beets, and sunflower seeds).

I made the dressing and croquettes ahead of time and was able to plate this beautiful and nutritious dinner salad with a minimum of fuss. It was a huge hit in our house, and somewhat reminiscent of falafels.

Ann Gentry talks about her vegan lifestyle and her new book here: