Thursday, 14 July 2011

Armchair Novel Review - Shut Your Eyes Tight

Shut Your Eyes Tight
(Dave Gurney, No. 2)
by John Verdon

Hardcover, 528 pages
Also available as an unabridged audiobook download and an eBook.

Following up his immensely successful debut novel Think of a Number, John Verdon has crafted another epic puzzle of a mystery novel featuring semi-retired sleuth Dave Gurney.

Gurney is resigned to living the life of the hobby farmer, overlooking his asparagus patch in the Catskills with his wife. But his penchant for puzzles draws him back to crime-solving and he is lured in by the chance to solve a baffling murder now 4 months cold.

A bride, a troubled woman marrying an eminent psychiatrist, is found beheaded and posed in a small cottage on their perfectly manicured property, right before the congratulatory toasts are set to begin.

Gurney takes on the case as a consultant, but soon finds himself immersed in one of the greatest puzzles of his life, and mired in the horrors humankind can inflict. A "peeling the onion" type of mystery, each chapter takes you deeper and deeper into a complicated web of evil.

Verdon does a great job of balancing the intricate mystery with the human side of his detective, this one will keep you thinking til the very end.

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