Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Armchair Book Review: Jann Arden - Falling Backwards

Falling Backwards
A Memoir
by Jann Arden

Hardcover, 288 pages
Also available as an eBook

While it is true that I feel most Canadians are somehow distant cousins, Jann Arden especially garners that feeling. Through her eight albums and seventeen top-ten singles, she has sung her way into our homes and hearts.
But her fans know that there is another side to her - she's hilarious.

In Falling Backwards, Jann shares her story of growing up in rural Alberta. She covers from birth to her first record deal and holds nothing back. From bruised-kneed wild child to back seat fumblings and serious missteps, Jann shares the triumphs and tragedies of youth. All those things, big and small, that we push down and try to forget? Jann shines a light on them with wit and tenderness and honesty.

Her humour and spirit shine on every page, and by the end of the book we are left feeling that we are not so alone in the things that have shamed us in the past, and that we would really love to have someone like Jann Arden for our very best friend. Or that's how I felt, anyway.☺

Whether you are a loyal fan or just discovering Jann Arden, you will love Falling Backwards.

Jann Arden on writing a memoir

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