Sunday, 6 November 2011

Armchair Novel Review: I Am Half-Sick of Shadows

I Am Half-Sick of Shadows
by Alan Bradley

Hardcover, 288 pages
Also available as an unabridged audio CD, unabridged audiobook download and an eBook

Just in time for Christmas! The fourth book in Alan Bradley's bestselling Flavia de Luce series- I Am Half-Sick of Shadows. (I swear, I could love these books for  the titles alone.)

Our favourite 11-year-old sleuth is scheming to set a trap for old Saint Nick, to prove once and for all if he exists or not. Meanwhile, chaos descends on Buckshaw as Flavia's father has rented the crumbling estate out to a film crew and entourage, including the famous actress Phyllis Wyvern.

Amidst the frenzy of setting up for filming, the beloved (or not so beloved) actress is found murdered with a length of film tied neatly around her throat.

Flavia sets out to get to the bottom of this mystery, without losing her sights on trapping Saint Nick. Flavia's ability to see what the grown-ups in their polite society often miss, and her ability to navigate the halls and passages of the old estate, keeps her one step ahead of the constabulary and very nearly gets her killed.

An exciting holiday read and a must for Flavia fans both new and faithful.

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